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What is Green Power?

Green power is energy that is generated in an environmentally sustainable manner using renewable forms of energy like small hydro, wind and solar power. The use of these alternative sources of energy is an important part of the fight against climate change. As a consumer, your support of green power helps to promote and increase the use of green energy, thereby reducing pollution and the dependence on fossil fuels.

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Why Use Green Power?

Electricity generation is not only the biggest contributor to climate change in this country, but it's also responsible for a host of environmental ills, from the emission of dangerous metals like mercury and selenium that accumulate in plants and animals, to respiratory issues, to the decimation of wilderness areas to make room for mountaintop removal coal mining. Renewable energy is clean and holds the promise to wean us off foreign energy supplies, reduce our energy costs, and create innumerable jobs. But right now, it's only 2% of our generation in this country. By purchasing renewable energy, you're helping build the market for new renewables and sending a signal that the demand for new renewables is growing. It's the fastest way you can help transform the electricity sector.

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